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Fresh Pink Oyster Mushroom (200g)


How to use

  • The vegan-meaty texture of the Pink Flamingo Oyster mushroom makes for a delicious edible mushroom.
  • They can be sautéed with other vegetables, added to pasta dishes or soups, and complement white sauces and risotto dishes.
  • Due to their vegan-meaty texture, they require thorough cooking (around 20 minutes), and their vegan-meaty type flavour intensifies the longer they are cooked.
  • If stored in a cool place, Pink Flamingo Oyster mushrooms can be preserved for up to a week. They can also be dried for longer preservation.

General Info

  • The tropical Pink Oyster mushrooms are named for their vibrant pink colour, and the scientific name is Pleurotus djamor. They are native of equatorial regions like Southeast Asia, so very unlikely to grow in the wild in NZ.
  • They are in the Pleurotaceae family, along with the grey oyster mushroom, and are available from us year-round. However, maintaining a good supply in winter is challenging.
  • They grow in layered clusters like their grey oyster mushroom relative, and their colour can be intensely pink or lighter when raw, changing to a golden yellow when it starts to cook, then through to an orange-brown colour when fully cooked.
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