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Roasted Sesame Seed Oil 250ml


At Cocavo, we have been searching for a top-quality Roasted Sesame Oil that delivered on 3 important criteria’s, Aroma, Flavour & Quality. After trialling a number of different types, we have settled on a gem we came across that is manufactured in Mexico. This oil is Intensely flavoured, nutty and aromatic and has a beautiful deep brown colour.

Roasted sesame oil is a staple in the Asian kitchen. Whether it is Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Southern Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, they all depend on Roasted sesame Seed Oil to add that “something special” characteristic of these cuisines. This is why we wanted to find a quality roasted sesame oil that we could add to the Cocavo range of super-oils and offer these to our customers knowing it deserves to be a staple in your pantry as well.

The sesame seeds used to make Cocavo Roasted Sesame Oil come from Mexico, where they are roasted, then pressed, to extract a rich, aromatic, darkly coloured oil.

Roasted Sesame Seed Oil is primarily used as a finishing oil. Roasted Sesame Oil (sometimes called Toasted) is used in a wide range of Asian cuisines, marinades, braising liquids, dipping sauces, and dressings. Drizzled over dishes like soups at serving time or as a must-have ingredient in noodle dishes, fried rice and meat or vegetable stir-fries, Roasted Sesame Oil will quickly become one of your favourite “go-too” finishing oils.

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